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Photo by ChesiireCat/iStock / Getty Images

What exactly does Michelle do?


Choose From:

R.I.S.E. Healing Session (energy healing by releasing beliefs)

Tarot/Intuitive Readings

Empathic Chakra Reading and Balancing

Spiritual Aromatherapy Blend (Reading $85/hr plus blend $25)

Body Work Blend of Energy Healing, AIM, Hands on Spiritual Healing and Rolfing

Rituals: Private, Baby Blessings, Rights of Passage and Home Clearings

What is a Right of Passage? First Blood, Last Blood, Baby Moon, Divorce, Spiritual Death/Birthing and more.


Add ons:

Detox Foot Bath $20 for 30 minutes

Far Infrared Detox Sauna $30 for 45 minutes

Private Yoga/Lunch/Land/Journaling, Nature Walk around Lake and Riparian Preserve


All Services $85/hr @ the Lakeside Retreat

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Michelle brings the fire of transformation to her sessions. She gets right to the point, using divinely inspired words and phrases to help those who need and want it. In my sessions with Michelle multiple tools and modalities of healing have been utilized. From tarot to poetry, belief modification to energy work, there truly is nothing that Michelle limits herself by when it comes to her sessions. “ A.P.

“ Michelle is truly very gifted and everything she said resonated with me deeply. I almost cried listening to her reading because everything was just sooo spot on and it was exactly the confirmation i needed to move forward with trust and confidence in my heart. ” — S.A.

“ Intuitive, knowledgeable, attentive, caring, sensitive, and powerful are all words I would use to describe Michelle. She is an amazing healer who brings forth insight and clarity. I love working with Michelle and all that she has to offer. ”

Healing Sampler:

30 minute Tarot/Intuitive Reading

30 minute RISE Healing

15  minutes Empathic Chakra Reading and Balancing

15 minutes Hands On-Healing

$ 85/ 1 hour

Add-on Mini-Retreat:

Private Yoga/Lunch/Land/Journaling, Nature Walk around Lake and Riparian Preserve

I have suffered with more physical ailments than I care to count, and since I was a child have lived with emotional traumas that have crippled my life. I have sought help in psychology, Western medicine and Eastern medicine. After roughly 20 years of seeking help in these places- in roughly 15 different modalities within them- and rarely seeing significant or permanent results for my pain and suffering, I found Michelle. — A.N.

“ Wow. My session with Michelle was truly outstanding. She offered me so much care that I could hardly receive it all. She is a clear channel who was able to dive deep with me to move through old pain and grief, bring inspiration and clarity to my current life decisions, and instantly dissolve any sense of imbalance, particularly worry...I am still feeling the positive effects of our deep work more than a week later.
Thank you! ”
— J.


Body Work Private Sessions


All the things Michelle Does


A.I.M. is a somatic therapeutic bodywork modality that can release chronic tension, pain and dysfunctional movement habits. This is Michelle's newest tool, she can combine her extensive skill in Structural Integration/Rolfing, Energy Healing and RISE Healing in her sessions to customize to your needs.

Structural Integration/Rolfing

R.I.S.E. Healing-Energetic rooting out of what is blocking you and a re-programming with release of fears and limitation.

Hands-on Energetic Healing including Cranio-Sacral, Chakra and Aura healing.

"Michelle works from a deeply intuitive place that never fails to impress me. She has what I would call "magic hands" that always find the "just right" spot or movement that is needed for complete release. She brings with it an ability to explain what she is doing in a way that I get it, and can reproduce it on my own to continue the work independently. After any session with Michelle I always feel rejuvenated, restful, and aligned - in body and mind. I highly recommend Michelle and her work." H. Baxter


Private and Semi-Private Yoga Sessions combine mat-based A.I.M. movements that release tension, create awareness and open you up for specific yoga postures. 

Your class is designed for you, using all the skills in my tool box. Guided visualization, positive affirmations, chakra clearing, aura expansion and sacred song.

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Tarot card intuitive readings. In person, phone or skype.

R.I.S.E. Healing Sessions

Resonance. Integration. Shift. Emergence.

Using a Theta vibrational frequency and empathic skills R.I.S.E. creates a morphic resonance field between practitioner and client to read the chakras and energy fields.

Miasms and beliefs are rooted out to the core to remove and reprogram limiting beliefs that no longer serve. Blocks to manifestations are dissolved and replaced with positive energetic wave patterns.

Words hold an energetic frequency, in R.I.S.E. Sessions words are used like code to clear and realign you to your goals.