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"In my own deepening understanding of myself
I find my capacity to serve others is deepened as well. The better I am at self-care the more genuinely nurturing of others I am able to be."
- Mary Anne Radmacher

Community Yoga @ The Yoga Nook @5th


February 20th

March 20th

Tuesday 6pm

Yoga Nook @5th

West End of Simi

690 D Los Angeles Ave

Simi Valley, CA 93065


My Style

My passion is A.I.M., which stands for Awareness Integration Movement. It is an amazing deep type of somatic yoga movement that allows you to come into greater strength and stability. A.I.M. is designed to be integrated at the beginning of a class to wake up your brain to new ways to move into your poses. Students are amazed that they can access poses that were once too challenging. The class is designed for the A.I.M. movements to open you to the pinnacle pose of the class.

The other things I bring are an awareness of our connection to the earth and each other, the subtle body, chakras, the natural cycle we are in (think season or full moon), a splash of philosophy and if I'm feeling particularly brave a final song.


astro chART Workshop 1

Deconstruction of Your Chart

The First 3 Signs of Importance

A Simple Start to Understanding Your Chart


Limited to 9

Location: Yoga Nook @ 5th

690 D East L.A. Av, Simi Valley

You will need birth date, time and place of birth.

Saturday, February 17th, 2018


Break for lunch


Register Now, the class is limited to 9 students



Astrology is absolutely fascinating and becomes more so as you learn about your own chart one planet at a time.

In this very basic introduction to your birth chart you will learn in a creative and body-based way about the 3 main signs in your chart. The Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign.

The Sun is the typical sign you hear about that is in all the astrology forecasts. This is where your personality is and often how others in the world see you. The Moon however, is the hidden and mysterious parts of you. It is the parts of you that are intuitive, emotional and vulnerable. This is an important planet to learn about for your personal development in those areas. The Rising Sign is how we show up in the outer world. What additional energy we have been cosmically bestowed with to hopefully support our dharma in our lifetime. 

How to understand Astrological Reports can help you navigate your life, your relationships, your projects and more. You can use it like checking the weather to find out what you should wear. Having the main three signs you can apply this information in really practical ways. Here are some examples; delay signing a contract, don't drive into the city next weekend, have context why you have been feeling extra anxious this week. Use astrology forecasts to plan a big project opening or launch date and plan dates for events of significance.

We will touch on how Astrology and your Dosha connect and how Astrology is related to Ayurveda. You will be introduced to how certain essential oils can support your birth chart. 

Art supplies included to create a piece to bring home with you representing your birth chart. Come prepared to be interactive and use your body wisdom to recall the wisdom of this ancient science and art.

This class is the first in a series that build upon each other, culminating in the creation of an essential oil blend to support your unique Dosha and Birth Chart.

"The Times quoted a New York University professor of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, who suggested that astrology offers some sanity in an otherwise volatile world. 

The professor, Galit Atlas, said, “What makes us feel safe in the world is order, boundaries and sequence, and those three things are things that astrology can give us. Especially in a time when the world doesn’t feel safe, we tend to search for an order that makes sense.” 

“That’s not a negative thing,” she added. "The more secure we feel in the world, the more we’re able to be productive -- to live fully, to love and to work." 

How amazing: a recognized scientist from an elite university speaking in support of astrology." -Eric Francis 'News Astrologer'


astro chART Workshop 2

Intro to your Vedic Birth Chart and Dosha


vedic chart.jpg

Limited to 9

Location:  Yoga Nook @5th, Simi Valley

You will need date, time and place of birth.

March 17th


4 hours


Register Now, Space is Limited to 9


This unique workshop is a fantastic way to become familiar with your Vedic Astrological Birth Chart.

Learn about the Divine Bodies(planets)  that are here for your benefit to communicate with you about your body mind and soul. Connect in a body based way to the archetypal energy of Astrology. We will create art on the Vedic Birth Chart and Dosha.

Learn about your Dosha, your constitution and how your Birth Chart effects your physical body and the ailments that result due to difficult planetary aspects. Discover how to support difficult aspects using the gifts of the earth.

Using this ancient knowledge you will identify which essential oils, colors, gem stones, mantras and more  support your Dosha and Vedic Birth Chart. (This is just an introduction, we will dig deep into the natural remedies in Workshop 3 below)

This is a very simplified and easy to understand introduction to this information.

Work with nature and the divine to heal your body, mind and soul.

Work with the healing of the stars and the gifts of mother earth to restore balance and harmony to your body, your mind, your spiritual path and your life.

astro chART Workshop 3

Mother Earth supplies all that we need, even a map!

Ayurvedic Essential Oils to support your Dosha and Vedic Astrological Birth Chart

vedic astro mind map.jpg


Limited to 9

Location:  Yoga Nook @5th, Simi Valley

You will need date, time and place of birth.

April 7, 2018


4 hours


Register Now, Space is Limited to 9


In workshop 3 we will use everything we have learned and created from the previous workshops as the map to achieving balance through the healing creations that mother earth provides. 

Our focus will be in hands-on creation! We will choose and blend essential oils that specifically support our Dosha and Planetary Alignments to bring balance and harmony. This is truly an ART! Lots of handouts and resources are shared so you can walk away with what you need to get started in your quest to balance and harmonize with nature.

We will also discuss the other bounties like gem stones, colors, sounds, herbs and other Earth Medicine.

Specific planetary alignments can cause pain or dis-ease in the body, explore the possibilities of this ancient form of healing that looks up from the earth to the star map for additional alignment with all that is in our natural world to guide us to better health and well being. 

Some yogis sat in a cave, some with a tree, some gazed at the stars. Some yogis burn herbs, some fast, some heal. Come explore all the possibilities!

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.” – John Lubbock

“There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter.”
—Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

“Not just beautiful, though—the stars are like the trees in the forest, alive and breathing. And they’re watching me.”
— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


The Power of Winter

Connecting with Nature through her seasons and cycles.

A walk through a year in alignment.


winter wolf and woman.jpg

Limited to 9

Location:  Lake Sinaloa, Simi Valley

Winter 2018

3 hours


Register Now, Space is Limited to 9


"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. There is something infinitely healing in the repeated refrains of nature — the assurance that dawn comes after night, and spring after winter."

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring  

Learn what your body, mind and soul need in what season. We will touch upon the seasons and the Doshas and what each Dosha needs in which season.

Make your life sacred by incorporating a rhythm with nature and small seasonal rituals or seasonal altars. We will be building an altar to honor the Winter during the workshop.

The power of winter is silence, stillness, quiet, introspection and connection with loved ones. It is the dark time. It is a time for things to decompose, awaiting new life in the spring.

    •    Come into rhythm with nature

    •    Meet the elements, learn how to set up an altar

    •    Take a walk through a lunar year (13 moons) with Natures Rhythm

“Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.” – Khalil Gibran

 “Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” — Henry David Thoreau


Optional Mini-Retreat following workshop

Energy Healing Tab.jpg

Optional: After the workshop from 1-4pm  stay over for a customized mini retreat with lunch, journaling, nature walk and restorative Yoga. Please contact me if you would like to make arrangements. First come first served, limited space. 50% off workshop when you book your mini retreat.

Options for the mini-retreat available in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments.




R.I.S.E. Healing Session

Tarot Reading

Detox Foot Bath

Custom Blended Spiritual Aromatherapy Blend and Reading

Chakra Reading and Balancing

Laying on of Hands

The Suppressed History of Women in Yoga


shakti image.jpg

Location: Simi Valley

Spring 2018

4 hours


Register and place your name in the wait list for this class.



Shatki the Goddess of Creation, seated and coiled at the root chakra. Her journey does not culminate when she reaches Shiva, it culminates when she returns with his energy back to the root chakra. 

A guided embodied invocation in restorative pose will begin the class as we activate the knowledge stored in our female bodies, our wombs, our blood and our DNA.

We will discuss sacred texts like the Devi Gita and Shaktisangama Tantra.

Women are needed more than ever to heal the planet, our mother. To do this we must reclaim the memories and histories that have been suppressed and stolen from us.

Class will be limited to women only space. 

Introduction to Tarot; a body based teaching.


Location: Yoga Nook, Simi Valley


Spring 2018

2 hours



Using the felt based sense we will begin an energetic connection to the cards. A visual altar of the tarot will greet us and we will move into close proximity as we let the energy of the cards direct where we will stand and later which card we will choose.

A basic and easy introduction to how tarot is broken down, a visual "all at once" view of how the cards are organized. We will embody each of the suits so that we can register the energy of the card in our bodies. As Major Arcana cards come up we will aspect them, thereby owning the energy of the card on a kinesthetic level. 

Class will pair up and give each other readings. (gasp) Using your felt based awareness you will not need to think about what the cards mean, you will FEEL what they mean. What they mean can change from reading to ready. 

There is no memorization here, this is more like getting to know a new quirky social group. 

Refund Policy on Workshops: No Refund. My workshops are small and limited to a small number of students. Difficulties arise when the class is full and I get cancellations and can't fill the class last minute. I am happy to offer credit towards another workshops as I now emergencies arise. Thank you for your understanding.   

How to Protect your Energy Field and Spread Love


The Shape of Nature:      The Tree Technique

 Energy movement patterns in humans, and all of creation.

Energy movement patterns in humans, and all of creation.

Date: to be announced (put together your own private workshop)

Location: Simi Valley


tree toroid.jpg

Using current science we will discover the way energy moves and creates the universe and everything in it. The subtle energy that holds the code to creation has a specific shape and pattern called a toroid. Through deep relaxation and activation of the Theta Brain wave state through harmonic induction we delve into the heart of the vortex. 

The HeartMath Institute has done extensive research and this technique is based on ancient methods and is backed by current science.

This technique instructs in a method to seal your field, incorporating filters and neutralizers to the luminous liquid that exists around the physical body. We will learn about the toroidal creation theory (resources available), the chakra system, the nadir, subhuman, ida and pingala. We will induce and awaken the centrifugal force present in the toroidal energy field within and around our physical bodies.

Using specific clearing techniques (10 of them!) we will learn how to properly cleanse our energy bodies on a regular basis and on an as-needed basis. Whenever we encounter other beings, we co-mingle our energy bodies and we can feel their emotions. When they are negative and we are not in Coherence (heart math) it has a negative impact on our energy field. When we are in Coherence, which is a centered and heart dominated state, outside negative energies are neutralized and our energy field can help the other person. Our heart communicates to our brain and is an important guide to loved based communication. When we let our rational and logical mind, our ego, override our heart we get ego based reactions, often over emphasized or obsessive. This creates suffering. Love is the only way. 

Using physical tools to assist in the power created with words charged with our intentions we can create magical objects of protection. A large basis for this class is to keep your own space free and clean of dense energy that can drag you down and even make you feel unwell. In this segment of the workshop we will hand craft a ward with signs, symbols, herbs, salt, oils, stones and words.

The core of the workshop is working with Love and Compassion. We start with ourselves and clear negative stories, words and beliefs in order to be able to be in a state of Coherence, a centered heart based place that allows greater sensitivity to others fields facilitating a support and rise of frequency in beings you come into contact with. This is the way to heal the world.  It starts with Love and Compassion for yourself. 

Resources and references for all of the science discussed will be provided.

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