Rain and Crickets

In all of life there is nothing better than the sound of rain followed by the song of crickets. On this night, of quiet, of peace, of inspiration, of solitude, of creativity. It is the rain and the crickets that stops me, stills me and breathes life into me. This place, this beautiful earth and the life we have been given is such a miracle and a blessing and also unimaginable pain and suffering.

Only love heals.  Only Love.

If we each influence the collective energy field of humanity we must start with ourselves. With our own egos. With love and compassion for ourselves. When we have compassion for ourselves, we can have compassion for others.

That energy spreads. Love Spreads. 

We hold ourselves back from expressing our Dharma based on out dated and incorrect belief systems. Discover the way to heal the world through divine self expression. The realization that your Dharma is the Dharma of the Divine expressing through you as the Divine. We are each a drop of water in the ocean of life.

Be here.       Do you.      The real you.

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Photo by {artist}/{collectionName} / Getty Images

Goddess is Mother of the Universes

Through reclaiming lost or suppressed writings on women's lineage in yoga we can reclaim what has been lost in us. Come to reclaim your power as a woman who walks around with a portal within her very core. The womb brings life into being. All men arise from women. And long to return.

"I invite you now to set aside everything you think you may know about yoga, its history, and its practice, and its present forms and lineages. Consider instead the possibility that this powerful spiritual practice, this technology for transformation and evolution, this global, grassroots phenomenon that brings peace and well-being to millions, this collection of practices we call yoga, is a naturally arising way of being in connection with elemental rhythms, and that is perhaps, once upon a time, first inspired by reverence for the intense emotional, psychic and physical experiences of women's life cycles.

And recognize now with certainty that it is largely through women that the practices and benefits of yoga are caressing the globe, spreading a healing wave of positive energy. And now, allow your awareness to be open to the experience of yogic wisdom not simply living within you, but being inspired by the natural rhythms of your own physicality as a woman." Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PhD

I am bursting with excitement to present this workshop. 

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