Now seeing clients Friday through Monday at the Yoga Nook in Simi Valley by appointment.

I am so grateful to have returned to my teaching and healing practice. These days I am immersed in Yoga and A.I.M. I love being back to teaching and taking private clients. A.I.M. stands for Awareness, Integration, Movement and is a subtle body work technique that works in a parasympathetic state to relieve pain and misalignments in the body. The work is done both privately and in group settings. In private settings there is hands-on release work on a massage table fully clothed. You can expect to walk or stand for viewing of your body patterns and tight areas before work on the table begins. None of the movements are painful but work in amazingly simple ways to release chronically tight patterns in the body. I am very excited to be accepting clients for the work and the response has been amazing. I have been receiving great pleasure in helping others release pain and habitual patterns that cause pain.

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Michelle's Education


Mt. Saint Mary’s College, B.S.,                                     1992-1996 

Massage School of Santa Monica                            1999-2001 

Structural Integration Collective                              2001-2002 

Spiritual Touch Training                                              2002-2003 

Aromatherapy Certification                                          2003-2004 

Hypnosis Certification                                                     2003- 2004 

Hypnobabies Childbirth Education Certification                 2004-2005 

Theta Healing Practitioner Certifications (Level 1 & 2)          2005-2006 

K.O.R.E. Modification Certification                                      2006-2007

K.O.R.E. Modification Apprenticeship                               2006-2008

Fitness Nutrition Coach Certification                                2008-2009 

Food Psychology Coach Certification                               2009 -2010

Spencer Pilates Instructor Certification                           2010-2011 

Ayurvedic Principles In Practice                                         2010-2011

Somatic Studies & Depth Psychology                           2011-2012

Spiral Door Mystery School 4 year graduate                  2012- 2017

RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Training                                      2016-2017

RYT 300 Yoga/A.I.M. Somatic Movement Training         2017-2018

Various incredible Yoga & Anatomy Workshops                       Current

Michelle is endlessly curious about the human body and the human condition, the next adventures are still yet to be discovered!



Yoga Alliance

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy